KOP-FLEX is an industry leader in the Coupling business, was founded in 1920,
and has over 90 years of design and application Experience in a wide range of industries.

KOP-FLEX products include Gear,Disc, Resilient, Elastomeric and Shaft couplings.

KOP-FLEX operates in the following industries

- Coal Power Generation Oil and Gas
- Wind Power Generation
- Steel and Metals Industries
- Minerals and mining
- Forestry
- Aggregate and Cemnet
- Food
- Packaging Machinery
- Pulp and Paper
- Turbomachinery

Emerson Power Transmission Solution Products include the following Kop-Flex Brands

- Fast, Series H, Waldron , and Model B Gear Couplings
- KD Disc Coupling
- Elastomer Coupling
- Browning Couplings
- Jaure Standard Couplings
- Coupling Grease

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